Every year, we are excited to unveil the products that we have designed, tested and built for our community of campers and outdoor lovers. We put our hearts and souls into these products to ensure that you have the gear you need for your next adventure.

This year we are proud to add a full line of sleeping bags to our Fast & Light customers and reintroduce our take on the double camping mattress.

To get you stoked for your 2018 camp plans, here’s a sneak peek on a few of our new products.

Space Cowboy 45

Photo: Matt Hage

There’s nothing quite like rolling out a featherweight bag under the stars on a warm summer night. The Space Cowboy is among the lightest bags in it’s category and the synthetic fill means you don’t have to think twice about the forecast. Already a favorite with thru-hikers and summer alpinists, this bag is cut trim to save weight and pack down small. Just toss it in your pack and get ready for a weekend of fun.

Parsec 20

Photo: Erik Gordon

If you can only own one bag, the Parsec is guaranteed to take you further. Lighter and more packable than the Antares, the Parsec has all the features you know and love at a fraction of the weight. 800-fill down gives this bag superior temperature regulation and the Nikwax treatment repels any moisture that comes your way. All of our down bags have been certified by the Responsible Down Standard so that you can rest easy at camp.

Oberon 0

2018 product

Photo: Robin O’Neill

Built for frigid backcountry winters, the Oberon keeps you comfortable through the harshest nights at camp. Our SynergyLink Connectors integrate the Oberon with your sleeping pad to minimize cold spots and keep you comfy through the night. 800-fill down, oversized draft tubes and ergonomic footbox make sure you have something to look forward to after a day in the cold.

Polar Ranger -20

Photo: Eric Larsen

When designing a bag for the most extreme conditions on earth, it helps to work with someone who calls the polar ice caps home. Eric Larsen has been the North Pole, South Pole and the peak of Everest multiple times. Eric and our team put our heads together to build a bag that would suit the needs of extreme explorers. From a snorkel hood to double-layer draft tubes, the Polar Ranger is tough enough to keep you comfy in the wildest places on earth.

NeoAir Camper Duo

Photo: Preston Richardson

The only thing that makes the perfect adventure better is sharing it with someone else. We are proud to introduce the NeoAir Camper Duo, a dual-chamber air mattress built for two. The design allows customized firmness for each camper and minimizes bouncing the other side of the pad. Three inches of stable, NeoAir comfort means both campers will enjoy the best of camping luxury.

These products will be available on our website and through our retailers in 2018. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to give us a holler.

See you out there!